Thursday, February 14, 2013

why i love my wife reason #15

Honor thy Mother and thy Father. One of the Ten Commandments that this world seems to have forgotten. Reason #15

                                     You have so much respect for your Mother and Father!

            You always turn to your parents for lifes challenges. You have so much respect for your parents. Even if your mom does side with me most of the time! My wife always speaks of her parents with so much respect and she shows that in the way that she parents. I am so grateful for such wonderful people to have raised such a wonderful woman. She confides in her parents for advice with everything that we can't handle on our own. I love my wife for cherishing her parents for always strifing to make her relationship better with them. I love her for giving me the opportunity to inherit such wonderful Inlaws! I couldn't ask for anything more than the addition to my family! I love you!

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