Thursday, February 14, 2013

why i love my wife reason #15

Honor thy Mother and thy Father. One of the Ten Commandments that this world seems to have forgotten. Reason #15

                                     You have so much respect for your Mother and Father!

            You always turn to your parents for lifes challenges. You have so much respect for your parents. Even if your mom does side with me most of the time! My wife always speaks of her parents with so much respect and she shows that in the way that she parents. I am so grateful for such wonderful people to have raised such a wonderful woman. She confides in her parents for advice with everything that we can't handle on our own. I love my wife for cherishing her parents for always strifing to make her relationship better with them. I love her for giving me the opportunity to inherit such wonderful Inlaws! I couldn't ask for anything more than the addition to my family! I love you!

why i love my wife reason #14

Life is too hard to live with out moments of humor or stress relievers. I find my moments all to often. I also have had moments of hardship, let me share some moments that will descibe reason #14!

                                          You wipe my cares away, and give me a breath of fresh air!
          In my life I have seen hardship. adversity and struggling times. Nothing that has just made it unbearable but moments where i just wasn't sure how i was going to make it. But from the time that i have known my wife she has always been that breath of fresh air. She has been a major support for me to fall on. She is definately a foundation that i lean on to help carry me through. And all the while she hasn't ever complained about being my support. I love that she knows when i need support the most and she acts on it. Never wavering. There have been times that she has been a support to me that during times where she needed just as much as i did but she never thought about herself. She is my rock, my everything. I love you so much Kim and want you to know that beyond 100 days!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #13

              Physical attraction is a vital part in a successful marriage. Need I say more on to reason #13!

                                     You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met!

             The first time I laid eyes on my wife I was hooked. She is absolutely gorgeous. I love her hair, her beautiful eyes. The tone of her skin just drives me wild. I love her smile and the little dimples she gets when she smiles. I love everything about the way she looks. She truly takes my breath away. I love being in public with her because it boosts my confidence knowing that I am married to a extremely attractive woman. I just love being in her presence, feeling like I have died and been placed in heaven and given one special angel for me to flirt with and to feast my eyes on. She just hits every thing that I find beautiful and no words can express how beautiful she is to me. I love you with all my heart and look forward to growing old with one of God's greatest creations, YOU!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #12

                 You hear about children who have a knack for amazing things. Child prodigies, amazing talents. My wife has given our family one such amazing child, reason#12.

                         You gave me Gavin, one of the cutest and funniest little kids I have ever met!

                 Tonight Gavin comes running out of the bathroom and says, " Man Tanner sure is a lucky kid" we reply with " why is that?". Now the words that left my little 6 year old were priceless, but may get me in trouble for airing them on the Internet but what the hay, I love to live a little. He responded with " cause he sure knows how to wipe his butt good" spfffffffff "he can wipe it better than I can wipe mine" Hahahahaha how do you respond to this as a parent. So why does this pertain to why I love my wife? Because my wife is to blame for some of the hilarious things that come from this young mans mouth. He reminds me so much of her. She has brought alot of humor into my life and along that, without her I never would have received this amazing little boy into my life. I love hearing him play, I love hearing him laugh and every time I look at my beautiful little boy and watch him be him, I am reminded of his mom and how much she means to me. I can't help but fall more and more in love with this amazing woman because of the little gifts she gives to me every time little Gavin makes me laugh. Thank you Kim for being the amazing woman that you are and giving me and our children the life that we have to laugh at the funny things. I love you!

Why I love my wife reason 11

Ok so I totally posted this yesterday but something happened and it didn't save so I am posting this today along with today's post.
               Have you ever felt that the one you love knows just exactly what's going on in your head? Some may say yeah others may have no freaking clue what the heck even makes their significant other function. But when it comes to my wife........ Let me just dive into reason number 11!

                                                   You know me......sometimes better than I know myself!

                My wife knows exactly what's going on in my head. She knows what I am feeling she knows when I am bothered by something. I feel that she takes the time to really try and understand me. It may not hit her right off the bat but she will pick up on what I am feeling long before I tell her. Most of the time she can tell I am upset or mad is probably because I am throwing a temper tantrum like a three year old, so I will give her that pass but other times she just knows exactly what to say to soothe me or even give me comfort to know that things will be ok. I love that she knows at what moments to tell me that she loves me or to gently give me a hug and it is exactly what helps me get through my day. I hope that I learn to be just as intuitive as she is when it comes to what she needs. So to you my must know I LOVE YOU!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #10

                  I love the holidays where you can set off fireworks! I love fireworks! I love watching things blow up! Funny start to why I love my wife but here is reason #10!

                                                        You are a little firecracker!

                I love that my wife is a little ball of fire. She is never afraid to speak what's on her mind. She will call it how she sees it, especially if it involves someone who may harm her family. Do not try to hurt either one of us in this house or you will have to deal with my lady's wrath. I say this not in a bad way either, she is very defensive of her man and her children. I have seen her flat out destroy other women who may or may not have passed a glance at me! It is humorous and sexy all bundled together. I love that she isn't afraid to call someone out on their crap. Now I have never seen my wife throw a punch but verbally she has kicked some major butt! All I am saying as long as I have my wife around I don't have to flex any muscles to show the world she means business, I just help her light that fuse and KABOOM!!!!!!! She will light your world! I will probably get some of that TNT for sharing this but I can't help it if that is a reason why I love her! To you my love!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #9

                  Ever since I was a small child nothing was more soothing than the cuddle of someone else. I have always enjoyed being wrapped in the arms of someone. That is why I have come to reason #9!

                                                      You are the best cuddle partner!
                 Nothing brightens my day more than when I see my wife peer over the end of the couch asking me with a soft voice and warm eyes "come cuddle with me"! I have never told her his but she melts my heart when she does this. I enjoy her soft touch and her firm hold. She is the perfect cuddling partner I could ask for. I love laying in bed knowing that I will wake up to her wrapped around me. She is always inviting me to cuddle and it becomes hard for me to ever say no because I just love it so much. Sometimes I purposely pick fights with her because I know at the end there is going to be a nice long cuddle session waiting for me! Guilty as charged! All I know is I look forward to cold winter nights, romantic movies, early bed times, afternoon naps on the couch because at some point my beautiful wife is going to ask if we can cuddle and I will get to say yes! I love you cuddles and all!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #8

               Honesty is one of the most crucial parts to a loving relationship. If you can't trust the person you love you often find yourself second guessing them, which only leads you into misery and often a very destructive relationship. My reason #8 of why my wife rocks my world!

                                                You are trustworthy and honest!
               My wife is always straight forward and honest with me. " Honey are you really going to wear that"! LOL she has saved me from more wardrobe mishaps than I can count. I have never felt more honesty from someone than her. She is always willing to tell the truth but she doesn't ever hurt my feelings in the process. Go beyond the wardrobe chaos that I may cause and let's look a little deeper into her honesty. She has no secrets that I don't know.  She has nothing that is hidden from me. I know every bit and piece about my wife because she is so open and honest. She has always inspired me to trust her and to be open with her as well. I have never had a feeling that I couldn't trust her. She sets an example for my kids to be honest and it shows in all of them. I am extremely grateful for her in giving me a sense of security in our relationship knowing that there are no secrets, that we together are very upfront and honest and it makes us a stronger couple and that is the truth! I love you  Kim!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #7

                 Have you ever had that special friend growing up that you would just pro your heart out to? The type of friend you could tell anything to and you know you would be heard. I always knew these friends existed I just never knew they weren't all invisible until I met my wife! Onto reason #7!

                          You are my BFFAEAEAE (best friend forever and ever and ever and ever)

          My wife is my verbal sponge. She just absorbs every word I say. She always listens to me vent about work and life in general. I can always tell her anything. She has always been that person that I can just confide in for any reason at all. She is that person that I turn to when times are hard, easy and just outstanding. I have more memories worth holding onto with her than I do with a lot of my childhood/teen friends growing up. The greatest thing of all is friends come and go but with my best friend, I know she will always be there ready to help me tackle the next challenge. She is my comfort my rock which I rely on when the waters of life get to high. I love you Beautiful with all my heart and look forward to every memory that we make.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #6

Laughter is the easiest way to remove yourself from cares and stresses of the world.  Laughter has been known to speed up healing and to mend broken hearts. I have always turned to laughter for comfort and just when I need to escape, laughter takes me there. Some of the greates moments of laughter that I have had have always involved my wife! So onto reason #6!

                                                You make me laugh!
              I have never had more moments of laughter than I have had with my beautiful wife. She is always showing me things or telling me things that just force a laugh right through me. We talk about funny things or make up silly games while on road trips. Like the acronym game. Take famous acronyms and change their meaning. When using some pretty random words you can create some really amusing meanings. No one else on this planet could stir up more laughter within me than my wife. But what really tops my humorous sundae is my wife's laugh. She has such a fun laugh that just gets you caught up in it. When you hear her little giggle from across the house you just can't help but investigate what might be creating this contagious laugh. More than not it will suck you into comedic spiral of laughter as well. I enjoy all the laughter that she has given me, wether it be something she has shown me or some of the humorous things she has done, she has always found a way through laughter to heal my mending hear! I love you for that!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #5

I must say 5 days into this blog and I am overflowing with reasons why y wife is so precious to me. I feel that this blog has only increased my love for her. If you step back and really put thought into why you love someone it can really open your eyes to your relationship, marriage, friendship whatever it may be that you are observing. For me it happens to be my wonderful marriage, the bond that I have with this special person in my life and it means to be married to her. So to my reason #5 of why I love my wife.

                                       You have never viewed me as a temporary relationship
             From the time we first started dating I always felt the sense that my wife would be there for the rest of my life and then some. She has always remained at my side when others would have given up and pack their things and moved on. She literally can not live without me. She makes me feel needed and wanted at the same time. Sure everyone wants to feel needed and wanted, but most relationships are built around one or the other not both. She needs me in her life for support, now I am not talking financial support because anyone who knows this incredible woman knows that the first 3 years of our marriage she wore the pants in the money making department. Support she seeks is support of her husband, acceptance, my opinion unless it is on what to wear and often times that calls for a recount. However she seeks my advice and she is always in need of my support. She wants my time and my affection. My wife wants me around her all the time, and nothing has ever made my heart swell more than that. Fact is we have more arguments when we are apart than when we spend every minute together. I love that about my wife. She has never made me feel like I was a temporary fix to her relationship needs. She makes me feel like there is no other man on this planet that is capable of doing what I do, I kinda feel like when I am around her that if I had a red cape, blue tights and a shield with red,white and blue circles with a giant white star in the middle that I could be her super hero. Honey I look forward to several more years being your Captain America! I love you!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #4

I mentioned in my post yesterday about how my wife never has judged me when I murder a song. She has given me a gift that has become priceless, which takes me to reason #4!

                                                                   You make me want to sing
              Everywhere we go in the car you can hear my wife sing. It is so wonderful to hear her beautiful voice. She as turned our family into a rolling choir. My sweet little children have memorized songs and sing them at the top of their lungs. She encourages me to sing along and as a result I no longer have to blurt out my ear trembling banchi streaks in he shower! She puts a smile on my face with the road trip CDs she burns for every trip we take. They always include something that we will be singing to together. She will change the pitch of her voice to match mine so I can hear a note or two that bring me into harmony with her. I love her for always making music part of our family. She is so talented in many ways and she inspires us to let loose and sing at the top of our lungs. So I stand on this high mountain inside this high speed Internet world and sing to you honey "this is your song" I love you for making me want to sing!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #3

          Have you ever seen someone who you just said "wow what a beautiful person". The day I met my wonderful wife I felt this feeling. I said to myself " what a beautiful person". Now my wife is the most gorgeous woman I have ever encountered. But it's not just her beauty on the outside that I fell in love with, it's the beautiful soul that she possesses. Let me elaborate with my description of Why I Love my Wife Reason #3.

                                                  You have a beautiful soul
           You hear of the term "old soul", mix that with all the love in the world and you have my wife. She is the only person I know that get the whole house dancing to oldies. She is the only woman I know in her 20's that thinks dancing in the kitchen is romantic, ( so do I). She is the only woman I know that can make a tone deaf, pitch murdering, lyric nazi sing at the top of his lungs and not judge him. She just has a loving soul that cannot be explained with words from this life. When I listen to her and not just say "yeah uh huh oh ok" but  listen to her with intent she is boiling over with just so much love and concern for her fellow man. She cries when the turmoil of other has shaken them to their core. People that she doesn't know from this life she carries their weight and agony. She is an old loving soul that I feel has more connection to those from life before and she truly loves her fellow  brothers and sister on this earth. You see this amplified in how she leads and guides the wonderful girls in her troop. You see it in how she connects with the children she watches. And for all this she asks for nothing in return. I am grateful for all that she has taught me on being a loving person. And that is why I fell in love with her reason #3!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #2

             So those of you who read my first post, I told you I was going to spend the next 100 days listing 100 reasons why I love my wife. So here is reason number 2.

                                                         You mothered my children
             Let me rewind time and take you back to my first date with this incredible woman. We went to a movie and at the time I was recently divorced from my first marriage. I happened to have Zoey my daughter with me and was not able to find a sitter. Kim without skipping a beat said bring her along. There I was on my first date with this amazing woman and a 9 month old baby girl in my arms, I was thinking there is no way I am going to win this woman over with a baby in the movies. Half way through the movie Zoey wakes up looks at Kim reaches for Kim and climbs into Kim's arms. For the remainder of the movie I was no longer watching the big screen but watching my life unfold before my eyes. At that moment watching how loving, and caring she was towards a child that was not from her womb, I knew this woman would be mine forever.
             Now from this point Kim became Mommy to Zoey without Zoey ever feeling forced to call her that. It was my wife's actions and the things she did for Zoey out of love that earned her that title. After being married for over a year we were given a blessing of a beautiful little boy Gavin. This little boy would change our lives forever. He is so gifted and so smart that he gives us a new set of challenges that my wife grasps and tackles these challenges with ease. I remember the day that he was born and we had decided a name completely for him. And as he lay in her arms and looking my beautiful wife in the eyes caressing her tired face and wiping the tears from her eyes we knew exactly what to name him. This was another defining moment in my. Life where I knew just how special this girl would be to me and how she had been selected to build a family with and for me.
             We later found ourselves again awaiting another beautiful little boy, Tanner and holy cow were we in for some fun now. But it was having him come into our lives that pushed us to make a change that will not only change our lives but our whole family's. Through all of these challenges not once has my wife ever complained about the full time job she has as mother. Not once did she complained about having to care for a girl who she didn't give birth to. If you ask Kim who are your kids Zoey will always come in that list. She has a genuine love for all her children. She is a true example for what every mom should be. And for that I fall in love with her more and more every day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I love my Wife reason #1

              The other day me and my wife were discussing what the other lacked from our marriage and why we found ourselves feeling tiny bits of sorrow. She explained to me how she missed the simple romantic things that I used to do. This put a deep ache in my heart that I had forgotten how much I loved sweeping her off her feet. So for the next 100 days I dedicate this blog to my wife and will explain to the world why my wife means so much to me. So here is reason #1.

                                                         You bring out the true me
             My wife is the only person that I have ever been with that has accepted me for who I am. Though I must say she has blushed a lot, ducked behind the car door as I continuously made a fool of my self in traffic. She has always tolerated my immature pranks I play on the attendants of the dressing rooms at Walmart. From the very moment the precious gift from God fell into my arms she has done nothing but create me into a better person and all along accepting that I will always be the most embarrassing prankster in her life. She has never tried to change me or if she has tried she is so good at what she does that if I have changed its because she saw the best in me that I could not see. My beautiful wife has stuck beside me at times when I say "honey I think I am going to quit my job and do something else" knowing that behind her supportive smile she was trembling. But all the while through whatever change she encouraged me to be the best that I could. Never wavering in support, never losing faith in who I would become. People say that your spouse was selected for you prior to this life. I believe this with all my being. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God found my wife and said " Kim, don't worry it's only for an eternity you are exactly what this young man needs to become who he really is, just have patience my child he will get there, I hope!". To this day I am grateful for her willingness to take on this challenge!