Friday, February 8, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #10

                  I love the holidays where you can set off fireworks! I love fireworks! I love watching things blow up! Funny start to why I love my wife but here is reason #10!

                                                        You are a little firecracker!

                I love that my wife is a little ball of fire. She is never afraid to speak what's on her mind. She will call it how she sees it, especially if it involves someone who may harm her family. Do not try to hurt either one of us in this house or you will have to deal with my lady's wrath. I say this not in a bad way either, she is very defensive of her man and her children. I have seen her flat out destroy other women who may or may not have passed a glance at me! It is humorous and sexy all bundled together. I love that she isn't afraid to call someone out on their crap. Now I have never seen my wife throw a punch but verbally she has kicked some major butt! All I am saying as long as I have my wife around I don't have to flex any muscles to show the world she means business, I just help her light that fuse and KABOOM!!!!!!! She will light your world! I will probably get some of that TNT for sharing this but I can't help it if that is a reason why I love her! To you my love!

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