Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #12

                 You hear about children who have a knack for amazing things. Child prodigies, amazing talents. My wife has given our family one such amazing child, reason#12.

                         You gave me Gavin, one of the cutest and funniest little kids I have ever met!

                 Tonight Gavin comes running out of the bathroom and says, " Man Tanner sure is a lucky kid" we reply with " why is that?". Now the words that left my little 6 year old were priceless, but may get me in trouble for airing them on the Internet but what the hay, I love to live a little. He responded with " cause he sure knows how to wipe his butt good" spfffffffff "he can wipe it better than I can wipe mine" Hahahahaha how do you respond to this as a parent. So why does this pertain to why I love my wife? Because my wife is to blame for some of the hilarious things that come from this young mans mouth. He reminds me so much of her. She has brought alot of humor into my life and along that, without her I never would have received this amazing little boy into my life. I love hearing him play, I love hearing him laugh and every time I look at my beautiful little boy and watch him be him, I am reminded of his mom and how much she means to me. I can't help but fall more and more in love with this amazing woman because of the little gifts she gives to me every time little Gavin makes me laugh. Thank you Kim for being the amazing woman that you are and giving me and our children the life that we have to laugh at the funny things. I love you!

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