Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #8

               Honesty is one of the most crucial parts to a loving relationship. If you can't trust the person you love you often find yourself second guessing them, which only leads you into misery and often a very destructive relationship. My reason #8 of why my wife rocks my world!

                                                You are trustworthy and honest!
               My wife is always straight forward and honest with me. " Honey are you really going to wear that"! LOL she has saved me from more wardrobe mishaps than I can count. I have never felt more honesty from someone than her. She is always willing to tell the truth but she doesn't ever hurt my feelings in the process. Go beyond the wardrobe chaos that I may cause and let's look a little deeper into her honesty. She has no secrets that I don't know.  She has nothing that is hidden from me. I know every bit and piece about my wife because she is so open and honest. She has always inspired me to trust her and to be open with her as well. I have never had a feeling that I couldn't trust her. She sets an example for my kids to be honest and it shows in all of them. I am extremely grateful for her in giving me a sense of security in our relationship knowing that there are no secrets, that we together are very upfront and honest and it makes us a stronger couple and that is the truth! I love you  Kim!

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