Friday, February 1, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #3

          Have you ever seen someone who you just said "wow what a beautiful person". The day I met my wonderful wife I felt this feeling. I said to myself " what a beautiful person". Now my wife is the most gorgeous woman I have ever encountered. But it's not just her beauty on the outside that I fell in love with, it's the beautiful soul that she possesses. Let me elaborate with my description of Why I Love my Wife Reason #3.

                                                  You have a beautiful soul
           You hear of the term "old soul", mix that with all the love in the world and you have my wife. She is the only person I know that get the whole house dancing to oldies. She is the only woman I know in her 20's that thinks dancing in the kitchen is romantic, ( so do I). She is the only woman I know that can make a tone deaf, pitch murdering, lyric nazi sing at the top of his lungs and not judge him. She just has a loving soul that cannot be explained with words from this life. When I listen to her and not just say "yeah uh huh oh ok" but  listen to her with intent she is boiling over with just so much love and concern for her fellow man. She cries when the turmoil of other has shaken them to their core. People that she doesn't know from this life she carries their weight and agony. She is an old loving soul that I feel has more connection to those from life before and she truly loves her fellow  brothers and sister on this earth. You see this amplified in how she leads and guides the wonderful girls in her troop. You see it in how she connects with the children she watches. And for all this she asks for nothing in return. I am grateful for all that she has taught me on being a loving person. And that is why I fell in love with her reason #3!

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