Monday, February 4, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #6

Laughter is the easiest way to remove yourself from cares and stresses of the world.  Laughter has been known to speed up healing and to mend broken hearts. I have always turned to laughter for comfort and just when I need to escape, laughter takes me there. Some of the greates moments of laughter that I have had have always involved my wife! So onto reason #6!

                                                You make me laugh!
              I have never had more moments of laughter than I have had with my beautiful wife. She is always showing me things or telling me things that just force a laugh right through me. We talk about funny things or make up silly games while on road trips. Like the acronym game. Take famous acronyms and change their meaning. When using some pretty random words you can create some really amusing meanings. No one else on this planet could stir up more laughter within me than my wife. But what really tops my humorous sundae is my wife's laugh. She has such a fun laugh that just gets you caught up in it. When you hear her little giggle from across the house you just can't help but investigate what might be creating this contagious laugh. More than not it will suck you into comedic spiral of laughter as well. I enjoy all the laughter that she has given me, wether it be something she has shown me or some of the humorous things she has done, she has always found a way through laughter to heal my mending hear! I love you for that!

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