Thursday, February 14, 2013

why i love my wife reason #14

Life is too hard to live with out moments of humor or stress relievers. I find my moments all to often. I also have had moments of hardship, let me share some moments that will descibe reason #14!

                                          You wipe my cares away, and give me a breath of fresh air!
          In my life I have seen hardship. adversity and struggling times. Nothing that has just made it unbearable but moments where i just wasn't sure how i was going to make it. But from the time that i have known my wife she has always been that breath of fresh air. She has been a major support for me to fall on. She is definately a foundation that i lean on to help carry me through. And all the while she hasn't ever complained about being my support. I love that she knows when i need support the most and she acts on it. Never wavering. There have been times that she has been a support to me that during times where she needed just as much as i did but she never thought about herself. She is my rock, my everything. I love you so much Kim and want you to know that beyond 100 days!

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