Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #4

I mentioned in my post yesterday about how my wife never has judged me when I murder a song. She has given me a gift that has become priceless, which takes me to reason #4!

                                                                   You make me want to sing
              Everywhere we go in the car you can hear my wife sing. It is so wonderful to hear her beautiful voice. She as turned our family into a rolling choir. My sweet little children have memorized songs and sing them at the top of their lungs. She encourages me to sing along and as a result I no longer have to blurt out my ear trembling banchi streaks in he shower! She puts a smile on my face with the road trip CDs she burns for every trip we take. They always include something that we will be singing to together. She will change the pitch of her voice to match mine so I can hear a note or two that bring me into harmony with her. I love her for always making music part of our family. She is so talented in many ways and she inspires us to let loose and sing at the top of our lungs. So I stand on this high mountain inside this high speed Internet world and sing to you honey "this is your song" I love you for making me want to sing!

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