Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #7

                 Have you ever had that special friend growing up that you would just pro your heart out to? The type of friend you could tell anything to and you know you would be heard. I always knew these friends existed I just never knew they weren't all invisible until I met my wife! Onto reason #7!

                          You are my BFFAEAEAE (best friend forever and ever and ever and ever)

          My wife is my verbal sponge. She just absorbs every word I say. She always listens to me vent about work and life in general. I can always tell her anything. She has always been that person that I can just confide in for any reason at all. She is that person that I turn to when times are hard, easy and just outstanding. I have more memories worth holding onto with her than I do with a lot of my childhood/teen friends growing up. The greatest thing of all is friends come and go but with my best friend, I know she will always be there ready to help me tackle the next challenge. She is my comfort my rock which I rely on when the waters of life get to high. I love you Beautiful with all my heart and look forward to every memory that we make.

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