Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why I love my wife reason #5

I must say 5 days into this blog and I am overflowing with reasons why y wife is so precious to me. I feel that this blog has only increased my love for her. If you step back and really put thought into why you love someone it can really open your eyes to your relationship, marriage, friendship whatever it may be that you are observing. For me it happens to be my wonderful marriage, the bond that I have with this special person in my life and it means to be married to her. So to my reason #5 of why I love my wife.

                                       You have never viewed me as a temporary relationship
             From the time we first started dating I always felt the sense that my wife would be there for the rest of my life and then some. She has always remained at my side when others would have given up and pack their things and moved on. She literally can not live without me. She makes me feel needed and wanted at the same time. Sure everyone wants to feel needed and wanted, but most relationships are built around one or the other not both. She needs me in her life for support, now I am not talking financial support because anyone who knows this incredible woman knows that the first 3 years of our marriage she wore the pants in the money making department. Support she seeks is support of her husband, acceptance, my opinion unless it is on what to wear and often times that calls for a recount. However she seeks my advice and she is always in need of my support. She wants my time and my affection. My wife wants me around her all the time, and nothing has ever made my heart swell more than that. Fact is we have more arguments when we are apart than when we spend every minute together. I love that about my wife. She has never made me feel like I was a temporary fix to her relationship needs. She makes me feel like there is no other man on this planet that is capable of doing what I do, I kinda feel like when I am around her that if I had a red cape, blue tights and a shield with red,white and blue circles with a giant white star in the middle that I could be her super hero. Honey I look forward to several more years being your Captain America! I love you!

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